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Influenced by Kathleen Riley & Peers


by Kathleen Riley & Peers

This show explores Kathleen Riley's influence on and encouragement to artists. All "Influenced" artists believe art catalyzes acceptance of self and others while enriching the soul of humanity.  

The artists in this show have found beauty and joy in expressing themselves in various artistic forms. 

Artists participating in this exhibit include:

  • Kathleen Riley
  • Ellen Riley
  • Sara Temte
  • Brenda Susan Clark
  • Shannon Leigh
  • Janet Cram
  • Rayshele Kamkea
  • Jane Eitel

We all have a gap between how we see ourselves and how the rest of the world sees us. It's called the self-acceptance gap. For some, it's tiny. For others, it's the Grand Canyon. Riley strives to help people bridge that gap in art and life.  

We all stand on the other side of your self-acceptance gap, ready to catch you when you jump. 

The world will ask you to be a million different things. Be yourself first.

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Influenced by Kathleen Riley at the Hallberg Center for the Arts