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The Bridge from Craft to Fine Art by Erika (Hagberg) Halverson Mullen

The Bridge from Craft to Fine Art 

A Solo Exhibit by Erika (Hagberg) Halverson Mullen

In the Freemore Gallery

As a fifth-generation artist, Erika started developing her talent at a very young age. These talents manifested themselves in high school where she could always be found in the art room. Her beginnings in the more liberal city of Madison, Wisconsin, influenced her choices in her art field. Most often, artists are not appreciated in their own lifetime. These tapestries deserve to be appreciated in the here and now to help the world understand that nudity and sensuality do not have to be the exclusive territory of pornography and lust.

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Chiaroscuro: Exploring the Dance of Shadow, Light, and Color

A Solo Exhibit by Lisa Roy

In the Underground Gallery

Lisa Roy, a fine art photographer based in Minneapolis, demonstrates her talent for compositions that capture compelling images, showcasing the beauty inherent in the world around us. Through her lens, she offers fresh insights on familiar places, subtly hinting at untold stories and inviting contemplation. Lisa's photography mirrors her passion for visual arts and her commitment to sharing the extraordinary beauty discovered in ordinary moments.


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